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Collages by Terry Aldhizer

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Contact me taldhizer@gmail.com or facebook for help.

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Roanoke Night Collage One By Terry Aldhizer#1 Collage Roanoke Night Collage Two By Terry Aldhizerr#2 Collage   Night Collage 3 by Terry Aldhizer#3 Collage

Roanoke Night Collage Four By Terry Aldhizer#4 Collage

  Collage17 By Terry Aldhizer#5 Collage   Roanoke Night Stars Collage By Terry Aldhizer#6 Collage
Roanoke Star On Stars Collage By Terry Aldhizer#7 Collage   Collage 11  by Terry Aldhizer#8 Collage   Collage 12 by Terry Aldhizer#9 Collage
Roanoke Sunset Collage Five By Terry Aldhizer#10 Collage   Dr. Pepper Lightning Poster by Terry Aldhizer#11 Collage   Collage No. 23 By Terry Aldhizer#12 Collage
    No. 13 Collage Eclipsing Moon Over Roanoke Star#13 Collage    
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